Top Fishing Matches This Year

Fishing is a great sport that requires a lot of patience. However, the reward is also better than many other sports. The satisfaction you get in fishing, you won’t get it anywhere else.

Throughout the year, various fishing tournaments take place in different parts of the world. They happen at club-level, national, and even international levels. Here we are going to talk about the biggest fishing matches of this year.

Kleinbaai Bottomfish Interprovincial

This is one of the most popular bottom-fish tournaments taking place this year. All the best bottom anglers will be participating in it. There will be more than 10 teams and 13 species of fish in this 3-day long tournament.

Two Oceans Marlin Tournament

The competition will take place in Western Cape’s biologically diverse oceans. The waters are great for fishing throughout the year and therefore are known as fishers’ paradise. This year many anglers will be participating in this tournament.

Mapelane Billfish Invitational

The east coast is known as the best place for game fishing. It takes place in St. Lucia, KwaZulu-Natal. The competition is open to both individuals and teams. However, no participant can take away the billfishes after catching them. The tournament strictly follows the ‘catch-and-release rule.

Efsa European Bottomfish Championships

It is one of the most difficult competitions in Europe that will take place in Cobh, Ireland.  Many renowned anglers will take place in this competition, making this tournament a must-watch for those who love fishing.


National Celebration of Young and Fishing

If you thought that fishing was only for adults, then you are wrong. Even children can go fishing and participate in matches. This fishing competition is held every year in the UK to encourage young people to go fishing. It’s a great event to have fun and meet friends. The winners are awarded, and this inspires others to take part in this competition.

These events gather a lot of audiences every year, and people get to see the experienced anglers in action. The competitions encourage other anglers to practice fishing and take part in such competitions as well. If you enjoy competitive fishing and are good at it, then you can try to make time to participate in these competitions.

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