During fishing season, you will find lakes and other water bodies packed with people who are interested in fishing. They go fishing despite the weather or other conditions. To learn more about fishing, there is no alternative to reading books. Here are some good books on fishing that may help you to become a better angler.

The River Why

By – David James Duncan

This is a great book for new anglers. It considers the spiritual nature of fishing. If you read this book before going fishing, your spirit will be uplifted, and you will be in your best mental condition.

52 Rivers: A Woman’s Fly-Fishing Journey

By – Shelley Walchak

The author went to a new river every week for a year for fishing. Here she gives encounter of every river she when to. This book will help you to know about the different bodies of water where you can go fishing.

Joan Wulff’s New Fly-Casting Techniques

By – Joan Wulff

As the name suggests, you will learn about the fly-casting techniques here. Here you will get in-depth discussions, drawings, and a lot of help regarding fly-casting techniques.

These books are a good read for those who are interested in fishing. The books received positive reviews, and you will learn a lot about fishing from here.