How To Organise a Fishing Tournament?

Many people like to go fishing. Especially in regions where there are lots of lakes, you will see the local people’s favourite pastime is fishing. You can easily organize a fishing tournament.

This can be done in your locality to uplift the spirit of fishing in your community. Here are some tips for organizing such an event.

Choose date and time

First, you need to decide on a particular date and time for the weekend. Weekends are great, but you should see the weather forecast first. After all, you don’t want the competition to take place on a rainy day as not many people will come to watch it. You should also decide whether you want to hold the competition for a single day or more than one day.

Choose a location and get the permit

You should choose a suitable location for the competition. You should get the necessary permit for it from the Fish and Game Department. You must know the regulations that you have to follow during the tournament.

Set rules for the competition

You should set the rules of the competition which the participants must follow. The participants must have a valid fishing license. You should decide the species of fish to be included in the competition, for example, fly fish or baitfish. You can choose multiple species of fish depending on the location.

You should also point out what kind of rods, flies, reels, and baits will be allowed at the competition. The decision must be taken if the participants will catch fish from shore or a boat.

Decide how to announce the winner

You must select the winners of the competition, and you should determine how to go about it. You can choose the winner depending on the size of fish they catch, or you can choose the winner based on the number of fish caught.

Hire volunteers

You need to hire some volunteers to help you in organizing the competition. You can ask your friends or family members as well. Making announcements or posting ads in a local newspaper can also help in getting volunteers to do the job.

Get the necessary equipment

You need to arrange for tables and chairs, a PA system for making announcements, a measuring board, a boat, safety gear, and other things.

These are some of the necessary steps you should take to organize a fishing competition in your community. You will have lots of participants and guests at the event.