MBK Leisures For all your coarse fishing. A catch above the rest.

MBK Match Rules

Barbless hooks only (to pass t-shirt test)

Two keep nets to be used. All fish over 2lb in one net

Ground bait can only be put in your swim by pole pot, feeder or ground bait punches

All feeders must be free running with hook lengths at least 12 inches below feeder

Fish only to and from the whistle, you have 15 minutes after the whistle to land any fish (after calling ‘fish on’)

Minimum depth to fish is 2 foot

No floating baits, hemp, nuts or beans

Maximum of 2 kilos dry ground bait and 2 pints of pellets

No braid hook lengths

All nets must be dry prior to fishing at MBK

No stink bags allowed on the banks

Please take all litter home with you


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