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Clive Tate & Russell Ackers, Pump Station (Photos)
Practice session on the Specticle Pond 12th March 2009

Darren Hilliard at Specimen Pond (Photos)
Some of Darren's catches in February & March 2009

Matt Roberts & Graham Hoskins at Specimen Pond (Photos)
Some of their better catches in August, September & October 2008

  • Graham Heard from Islington. 2008 (Photo)
    Graham Heard from Isington, Hampshire had a 48 hour session on the Coloured Ponds Specimen pond. He lost count of how many carp he caught, what he didn't catch was any sleep - too busy catching fish! He said it was the best outing he'd EVER had..

  • Gordon Dunn 5th May 2008. (Photos)
    FishType: Mirror carp
    Town: Portsmouth
    Weight: 22.5 lbs
    Pond: Wishanger Estate
    Story: Caught on 4lb line,took 35 minutes to land.
    Bait: Homemade paste.

  • Mark Apperley 30th March 2008 (Photo)
    FishType: crucian carp
    Weight: 4lb 2 oz
    Bait: sweetcorn
    Time: Morning
    Pond: Barons Ponds - Top Pond
    Story: Two and a half pound main line one and a half pound hook link with a size 20 hook. float fishing on bottom.

  • Callum Maidment Good Friday 2008 (Photo)
    I caught this fish at Barons Ponds on Good Friday. It is my personal best, and I caught it on corn and maggots with the 2 grains of corn on the hook and the maggots in the feeder.............. (more)

  • Barons Ponds 22nd February 2008 Keith Arthur from Tight Lines on Sky TV came to MBK Leisures  Barons Ponds on 12th February 2008 with his film crew.
    Keith Arthur from SkyTV Tight Lines and film crew were at Barons Ponds on 12th February filming a roach article. This was shown on Friday 22nd February on Sky Sports 3.

  • Eric Best 28th January (Photos)
    Eric Best (old friend of Kenny's) at Barons Ponds, St Patricks Lane, Liss (28th January) with photographer Steve Martin from TOTAL COARSE FISHING magazine for an article on roach fishing.

    For more pictures and information see April 2008 issue of tcf.

  • Terry Cornwall (Photo)
    Photo of retired pleasure angler Terry Cornwall from Portsmouth with the 18lb carp he caught today (21st January) on the big pond at Barons Ponds, St Patricks Lane, Liss.

  • Matt Barney & Lee Cairns (Photos)
    Some of their better captures from the specimen pond over the last year (2007). Most 24hr Sessions they were averaging a dozen fish between them, the best being 23 fish on one 24hr session. Average size of fish was in the high doubles with a few twenty pounders as well.

  • Mick Quance Friday 14th September 2007 (Photos)
    Match angler Mick Quance formerly known as 'The lean mean fighting machine! He's still mean but no longer lean!'

    Had a 3 hour session at Barons Ponds, St Patricks Lane, Liss on Friday 14th September on the small pond

    He fished shallow on hair rigged boilie spraying small pellet constantly. He was rewarded with a bag weighing in excess of 150lb of mirror, common and cruscian carp, the cherry on the cake was 2 still water chubb

  • National Fishing Week 25th July 2007
    74 people turned out despite the rain to try their hand at fishing for the first time.
    Everyone went home with certificates. We also gave away whips and rigs as a starter kit for their new found hobby.

    We had a great day!


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